Adjunct Senior Fellow

PhD (Environmental Sociology), Murdoch University, Australia
MA (Sustainable Development), Murdoch University, Australia
BSc (Environmental Science), Murdoch University, Australia

Professional Activities:

Member, Environment and Society Section, The Australian Sociology Association
Member, International Association for Impact Assessment
Member, Society for the Social Studies of Science


Research Scientist, Social and Economic Sciences Program, CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences [2008–]
Honorary Research Consultant, Institute for Social Science Research, The University of Queensland [2008–2011]
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, School of Social Science, The University of Queensland [2005–2008]
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, School of Environmental Science, Murdoch University [2003–2005]

Research Interests:
  • Governance principles, knowledge systems and institutions for sustainable natural resource management
  • Environmental policy and planning, especially their cognitive dimensions
  • Strategic environmental assessment
  • Theory and practice of participatory and deliberative policy processes
Selected Publications:

Bina, O., Wallington, T. and Thissen, W. 2010. Strategic environmental assessment theory and research: an analysis of the early discourse, Chapter 28 in B. Sadler, R. Ascherman, J. Dusik, T. Fischer, M. Partidario and R. Verheem (eds) Handbook of Strategic Environmental Assessment. Earthscan, London, pp. 443–468.

Lawrence, G., Lyons, K. and Wallington, T.J. (eds). 2009. Food Security, Nutrition and Sustainability. Earthscan, London.

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Wallington, T.J. and Lawrence, G. 2009. Accounting for performance: public environmental governance in the shadow of the future, in M. Lane, C. Robinson and B. Taylor (eds) Contested Country: Local and Regional Environmental Management in Australia, CSIRO Publishing, Melbourne, Australia.

Wallington, T.J. and Lawrence, G. 2008. Making democracy matter: responsibility and effective environmental governance in regional Australia. Journal of Rural Studies 24(3): 277–290.

Wallington, T.J., Lawrence, G. and Loechel, B. 2008. Reflections on the legitimacy of regional environmental governance: lessons from Australia's experiment in natural resource management. Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning 10(1): 1–30.

Wallington, T., Bina, O., and Thissen, W. 2007. Theorising strategic environmental assessment: fresh perspectives and future challenges. Environmental Impact Assessment Review 27(7): 569–584.

Wallington, T.J. and Moore, S.A. 2005. Ecology, values and objectivity: progressing the debate. BioScience 55(10): 873–878.

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