Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Phone:  (+61 7) 336 52922
Fax:  (+61 7) 336 51544

Room 414, Level 4,
Michie Building (#9), St Lucia Campus


PhD (Biological Anthropology) University of Cambridge (UK)
MPhil (Anthropological Science) University of Cambridge (UK)
BA Hons (Archaeology and Anthropology) University of Cambridge (UK)


2010 – 2011: Research Associate, Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art, University of Oxford
2010: Curatorial Researcher, Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford
2009 – 2010: Excavation Director, PNG LNG Project, Monash University
2008 – 2009: Fieldwork Director, Toba Project, University of Oxford
2008: Field Archaeologist, L-P Archaeology, London

Research Interests:
  • The evolution of human cognition and sociality
  • The behaviour of Acheulean hominins
  • The early dispersals of Homo sapiens
  • The prehistory of India, Arabia and East Africa
  • Lithic technology
  • The nature of cultural evolution

Please follow this link to find out more about Dr Shipton’s research profile.

Research Projects:

2003 – Present: The Toba Super-eruption, School of Archaeology, University of Oxford.
2004 – Present: The South Deccan Prehistory Project, School of Archaeology, University of Oxford.
2010 – Present: The Sealinks Project, School of Archaeology, University of Oxford.
2011 – Present: Palaeodeserts, School of Archaeology, University of Oxford.


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