Honorary Associate Professor

Phone: 0402 675 798


B. Sc. (Sociology), University of London
M.A. (Sociology), University of Nottingham
PhD (Social Anthropology), University of Sussex

Research Interests:
  • The Anthropology of Ireland
  • Community Change and Regional Development in the First and Third Worlds
  • Environmental Issues, Cultural Differences and Political Change
  • Human-Animal Relations in Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • Issues of Food Production and Consumption at Local and Global Levels
Current Projects:

Discourses of Animal Totemization and Demonization in Australia
Land Council Politics and the Politics of Anthropology

Representative Publications (2005-2010):

2010 The Whaling War: Conflicting Cultural Perspectives. Anthropology Today 26(3): 5-9.

2010 Speaking of Whales: From Totemizing the Humpback to Demonizing the Japanese. In Jan Erik Ringstad ed. Whaling and History III. Kommmander Chr. Christensen Hvalfangstmusuem: Sandefjord. Pp. 183-194.

2009 Ponies Out of Place? Wild Animals, Wilderness and Environmental Governance. Anthropological Forum 19(1): 53-72.

2009 ‘Man Grabs Shark With Bare Hands, Blames Vodka’: Sharks, Stereotypes, Speciesism and the Late Steve Irwin. Australian Zoologist 35(1): 9-17.

2009 Wildlife, Wilderness and the Politics of Alternative Land Use: an Australian Ethnography. In Francesca Merlan et al. eds. Rural Futures. E-book, ANU Press: Canberra. Pp. 79-92.

2008 Terra Madre 2006: Political Theatre and Ritual Rhetoric in the Slow Food Movement. Gastronomica: Journal of Food and Culture 82(2): 31-39.

2008 Meat in the Genes. Anthropology Today 24(5):5-10, and Response to Critics 24(5): 23.

2006 Barossa Slow: the Representation and the Rhetoric of Slow Food’s Regional Cooking. Gastronomica: Journal of Food and Culture 6(1): 51-59.

2006 (with Peter Mühlhäusler) Environmental Discourses. Annual Reviews in Anthropology, Volume 35: 457-79.

2005 Loving Leviathan: the Discourse of Whale Watching in an Australian Eco-Tourist Location. In John Knight ed. Animals in Person: Cultural Perspectives on Animal-Human Intimacies. Berg: London. Pp. 191-210.

2005 Managing the Myth of Ecotourism: a Queensland Case Study. The Australian Journal of Anthropology 16(3): 321-334.

2005 A Sense of Place, a Place of Senses: Land and a Landscape in the West of Ireland. The Journal of Anthropological Research 61(4): 495-512.

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