Honorary Research Fellow

Phone: Australian Mobile 0417 804 865
Papua New Guinea:  (+67) 598 65281 or 723 15216


BA Hons (Anthropology) University of Adelaide
PhD (Anthropology) University of Melbourne


Dr Nick Bainton is currently coordinating the social impact monitoring program for the Lihir gold mine in Papua New Guinea. He is also involved in the development of long term strategies for the management of Lihirian cultural heritage. Between 2007 and 2010 he was a Research Fellow at the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM) in the Sustainable Minerals Institute at the University of Queensland. This position was part of continuing research partnership between the Lihir gold mine and CSRM.

Research Interests:
  • Social change
  • Sacred geographies
  • Ritual performance
  • Large-scale resource extraction
  • Social impact analysis
  • Cultural heritage management
Recent Publications:

Bainton, N. A.,C. Ballard, K. Gillespie and N. Hall. (2011). Stepping Stones Across the Lihir Islands: Developing Cultural Heritage Management Strategies in the Context of Large-Scale Mining. International Journal of Cultural Property.

Bainton, N. A. (2010). The Lihir Destiny: Cultural Responses to Mining in Melanesia. ANU E Press: Canberra.

Bainton, N. A. (2008). The genesis and the escalation of desire and antipathy in the Lihir Islands, Papua New Guinea. The Journal of Pacific History 43(3): 289-312.

Bainton, N. A. (2008). Men of Kastom and the Customs of Men: Status, Legitimacy and Persistent Values in Lihir, Papua New Guinea. TAJA 19(2): 195-213.

Bainton, N. A. (2009). Keeping the Network Out of View: Mining, Distinctions and Exclusion in Melanesia. Oceania 79(1): 18-33.

Bainton, N. A. and J. Cook (2009). Challenges and Opportunities in the Development of a Cultural Heritage Management Strategy at the Lihir Gold Mine, Papua New Guinea. In Sustainable Development Indicators in the Minerals Industry, Gold Coast, Australia.

Bainton, N. A and J. Cox (2009). Parallel States, Parallel Economies: Legitimacy and Prosperity in Papua New Guinea. State Society and Governance in Melanesia Discussion Paper 2009/5 Research School Asia Pacific Studies, Australian National University.

Forthcoming Publications

Bainton, N .A., C. Ballard and K. Gillespie. Forthcoming 2010. The Beginning of the End: Sacred Geographies, Memory and Performance in Lihir. TAJA.


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