Dr Patrick Faulkner
Dr Patrick Faulkner
Senior Lecturer

Phone:  (+61 7) 336 51070
Fax:  (+61 7) 336 51544

Room 333, Level 3,
Michie Building (#9), St Lucia Campus


PhD (Archaeology), The Australian National University, 2006
Hons (Archaeology), The Australian National University, 1999

Professional activities:

President - Australian Archaeological Association Inc. 2012 - Present

Member - Australian Archaeological Association Inc. (AAA)
Member - Australasian Quaternary Association (AQUA)
Member - International Council for Archaeozoology (ICAZ)
Member - ICAZ Archaeomalacology Working Group
Member - Society of American Archaeology (SAA)


Senior Lecturer, School of Social Science, University of Queensland, 2013 - Continuing
Lecturer, School of Social Science, The University of Queensland, 2007 - 2012
Research Assistant, Department of Archaeology and Natural History, The Australian National University, 2006
Research Assistant, School of Archaeology and Anthropology, The Australian National University, 2004 - 2006

Research interests:

Coastal palaeoeconomies, with a principle focus on the tropics
Australian archaeology, zooarchaeology (molluscs) and taphonomy
Human ecology, economics, human-environment interactions and technology

Please follow this link to find out more about Dr Faulkner’s research profile.

Projects include:

Climate Change and Human Behavioural Variability in the Coastal Wet-Dry Tropics of Northern Australia.
Human-environment interactions and site formation during the Holocene in the Port Hedland area, northern Western Australia.
Sealinks Project, East Africa (University of Oxford), Team Member.

Representative publications:

Faulkner, P. (In Press) Life on the Margins: An Archaeological Investigation of Late Holocene Economic Variability, Coastal Blue Mud Bay, Northern Australia. Terra Australis 38. ANU E Press, Canberra.

Faulkner, P. (In Press). Late Holocene Coastal Economies and the Anadara granosa Dominated Shell Mounds of Northern Australia: Evidence from Blue Mud Bay, Northeast Arnhem Land, In M. Roksandic, S. Mendonça, S. Eggers, M. Burchell and D. Klokler (eds), The cultural dynamics of shell middens and shell mounds: A worldwide perspective, University of New Mexico Press.

Brockwell, S., B. Marwick, P. Bourke, R, Willan and P. Faulkner. (In Press) Late Holocene climate change and human behavioural variability in the coastal wet-dry tropics of northern Australia: Evidence from a pilot study of oxygen isotopes in marine bivalve shells from archaeological sites. Australian Archaeology 76: 1-12.

Fairbairn, A., A. Ross, S. Ulm, S. Nichols and P. Faulkner. (In Press) Keeping Country: A web-approach to Indigenous outreach in cultural heritage management. Australian Archaeology 77: 1-8.

McNiven, I.J., B. David, K. Aplin, J. Mialanes, B. Asmussen, S. Ulm, P. Faulkner, C. Rowe and T. Richards. (2012) Terrestrial engagements by terminal Lapita maritime specialists on the southern Papuan coast, In S. G Haberle and B. David (eds), Peopled landscapes: Archaeological and biogeographic approaches to landscapes, Terra Australis 34, Canberra, ANU Epress: 119-154.

McNiven, I.J., B. David, T. Richards, C. Rowe, M. Leavesley, J. Mialanes, S.P. Connaughton, B. Barker, K. Aplin, B. Asmussen, P. Faulkner and S. Ulm. (2012) Lapita on the south coast of Papua New Guinea: Challenging new horizons in Pacific archaeology. Australian Archaeology 75: 16-22.

Faulkner, P. (2011) Quantifying shell weight loss in archaeological deposits. Archaeology in Oceania 46: 118-129.

Faulkner, P. (2011) Late Holocene Mollusc Exploitation and Changing Near-Shore Environments: A Case Study from the Coastal Margin of Blue Mud Bay, Northern Australia. Environmental Archaeology 16(2): 137-150.

Faulkner, P. (2011) Stone Artefact Technology in Willandra National Park: Mobility and Maintenance, In A. Mackay and B. Marwick (eds), Keeping your Edge: Recent Approaches to the Organisation of Stone Artefact Technology, Oxford: BAR International: pp.5-20.

Brockwell, S., P. Bourke, A. Clarke, C. Crassweller, P. Faulkner, B. Meehan, S. O’Connor, R. Sim and D. Wesley. (2011) Holocene settlement of the northern coastal plains, Northern Territory, Australia. The Beagle, Records of the Museums and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory 27: 1-22.

McNiven, I.J., B. David, T. Richards, K. Aplin, B. Asmussen, J. Mialanes, M. Leavesley, P. Faulkner and S. Ulm. (2011) New direction in human colonisation of the Pacific: Lapita settlement of south coast New Guinea. Australian Archaeology 72: 1-6.

Thorley, P., P. Faulkner and M. Smith. (2011) New radiocarbon dates for Kulpi Mara rock shelter, Central Australia. Australian Archaeology 72: 47-49.

Faulkner, P. (2010) Morphometric and taphonomic analysis of granular ark (Anadara granosa) dominated shell deposits of Blue Mud Bay, northern Australia. Journal of Archaeological Science 37: 1942-1952.

Faulkner, P. (2009) Focused, intense and long-term: evidence for granular ark (Anadara granosa) exploitation from late Holocene shell mounds of Blue Mud Bay, northern Australia. Journal of Archaeological Science 36: 821-834.

Faulkner, P. and A. Clarke. (2009) Artefact Assemblage Characteristics and Distribution on the Point Blane Peninsula (Blue Mud Bay, northeast Arnhem Land). Australian Archaeology 69: 21-28.

Brockwell, S., P. Faulkner, P. Bourke, A. Clarke, C. Crassweller, D. Guse, B. Meehan and R. Sim. (2009) Radiocarbon dates from the Top End: A cultural chronology for the Northern Territory coastal plains. Australian Aboriginal Studies 2009(1): 54-76.

Faulkner, P. (2008) Patterns of Chronological Variability in Occupation on the Coastal Margin of Blue Mud Bay. Archaeology in Oceania 43(2): 81-88.

Allison, P, P. Faulkner, A. Fairbairn and S. Ellis. (2008) Procedures for Measuring Women’s Influence: Data Translation and Manipulation and Related Problems. Internet Archaeology 24 (intarch.ac.uk).

Bourke, P., S. Brockwell, P. Faulkner and B. Meehan. (2007) Climate Variability in Mid to Late Holocene North Australia: Archaeological Archives of Environmental and Cultural Change. Archaeology in Oceania 42 (3): 91-101.

Hiscock, P. and P. Faulkner. (2006) Dating the Dreaming? Creation of Myths and Rituals for Mounds along the Northern Australian Coastline. Cambridge Archaeological Journal 16 (2): 209-222.

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