Dr Patrick Faulkner
Dr Patrick Faulkner
Honorary Senior Fellow



PhD (Archaeology), The Australian National University, 2006
Hons (Archaeology), The Australian National University, 1999

Professional activities:

President - Australian Archaeological Association Inc. (AAA) 2012 - 2013
Member - Australasian Quaternary Association (AQUA)
Member - International Council for Archaeozoology (ICAZ)
Member - ICAZ Archaeomalacology Working Group
Member - Society of American Archaeology (SAA)


Lecturer, Department of Archaeology, School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry, The University of Sydney, 2014 - continuing
Senior Lecturer, School of Social Science, University of Queensland, 2013
Lecturer, School of Social Science, The University of Queensland, 2007 - 2012

Research interests:

Hunter-gatherer palaeoeconomies, with a principle focus on the tropics
Australian archaeology, zooarchaeology (molluscs) and taphonomy
Human ecology, economics, human-environment interactions and technology

Selected publications:

Faulkner, P. (2013) Life on the Margins: An Archaeological Investigation of Late Holocene Economic Variability, Coastal Blue Mud Bay, Northern Australia. Terra Australis 38. ANU E Press, Canberra.

Fairbairn, A., A. Ross, S. Ulm, S. Nichols and P. Faulkner. (2013) Keeping Country: A web-approach to Indigenous outreach in cultural heritage management. Australian Archaeology 77: 1-8.

McNiven, I.J., B. David, T. Richards, C. Rowe, M. Leavesley, J. Mialanes, S.P. Connaughton, B. Barker, K. Aplin, B. Asmussen, P. Faulkner and S. Ulm. (2012) Lapita on the south coast of Papua New Guinea: Challenging new horizons in Pacific archaeology. Australian Archaeology 75: 16-22.

Faulkner, P. (2011) Quantifying shell weight loss in archaeological deposits. Archaeology in Oceania 46: 118-129.

McNiven, I.J., B. David, T. Richards, K. Aplin, B. Asmussen, J. Mialanes, M. Leavesley, P. Faulkner and S. Ulm. (2011) New direction in human colonisation of the Pacific: Lapita settlement of south coast New Guinea. Australian Archaeology 72: 1-6.

Faulkner, P. (2010) Morphometric and taphonomic analysis of granular ark (Anadara granosa) dominated shell deposits of Blue Mud Bay, northern Australia. Journal of Archaeological Science 37: 1942-1952.

Faulkner, P. (2009) Focused, intense and long-term: evidence for granular ark (Anadara granosa) exploitation from late Holocene shell mounds of Blue Mud Bay, northern Australia. Journal of Archaeological Science 36: 821-834.

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