Honorary Research Fellow



BA (Hons) (Archaeology & Anthropology), University of Sydney
PhD (Archaeology), University of Sydney

Professional Activities:

Full Member - Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc.
Member - Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
Member - Australian Archaeological Association
Member - East African Association for Paleoanthropology and Palaeontology
Member – Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association
Member – European Society for Human Evolution

Research Interests:
  • Hominin evolution
  • The Neanderthals
  • The origin of modern humans & modern humans behaviour
  • Australian archaeology, especially the Pleistocene period
  • Middle Eastern archaeology especially the Neolithic & Chalcolithic periods

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Representative publications:


Habgood, P.J. and Franklin, N.R. (2014) Views from Across the Ocean - A demographic, social and symbolic framework for the appearance of modern human behaviour. In R. Dennell and M. Porr (eds.) East of Africa: Southern Asia, Australia and Modern Human Origins. Cambridge University Press, pp 148-163.
Habgood, P.J. (2010) Explanations for patterning in the ‘package of traits’ of modern human behaviour within Sahul. Indo-Pacific Prehist. Assoc. Bull. 30:14-27.


Habgood, P.J. & Franklin N. R. (2008) The revolution that didn't arrive: a review of Pleistocene Sahul. Journal of Human Evolution, 55:187-222.

Franklin N.R. & Habgood, P.J. (2007) Modern human behaviour and Pleistocene Sahul in review. Australian Archaeology, 65: 1-16.

Habgood, P.J. (2003) A Morphometric Investigation into the Origins of Anatomically Modern Humans. British Archaeological Reports, International Series 1176, Oxford England: Archaeopress.

Habgood, P.J. (1992) The origin of anatomically modern humans in east Asia. In G. Bräuer, and F.H. Smith (eds.) Continuity or Replacement: Controversies in Homo sapiens evolution, pp. 273-288.

Habgood, P.J. (1991) Aboriginal fossil hominids: Evolution and migrations. In R. Foley (ed.) The Origins of Human Behaviour. One World Archaeology Series No. 19, pp. 97-113.

Habgood, P.J.(1989) The origin of anatomically modern humans in Australasia. In P. Mellars and C.B. Stringer (eds.) The Human Revolution: Behavioural and Biological Perspectives in the Origins of Modern Humans, pp. 245-273.

Habgood, P.J. (1989) An investigation into the usefulness of a cladistic approach to the study of the origin of anatomically modern humans. Human Evolution, 4: 241-252.

Habgood, P.J. (1989) An examination of regional features on Middle and early Late Pleistocene sub-Saharan African hominids. South African Archaeological Bulletin, 44:17-22.

Habgood, P.J. (1987) Réestimation des variations observées sur le materiel osseux Australien. L'Anthropologie, 91:168-179.

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Habgood, P.J. (1985) The origin of the Australian Aborigines: An alternative approach and view. In P.V. Tobias (ed.) Hominid Evolution: Past, Present and Future, pp. 367-380.

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