Adjunct Professor
Phone: (+44 131) 337 7106


M.A. Dublin, D.Phil. social anthropology, Oxford


Advisor Rio Tinto -
Assistant professor to tenured full professor and Department Chairman at the Maxwell Graduate School at Syracuse.
Also teaching at S.U.N.Y., Dar-es-Salaam, Harvard Institute for International Development, external examiner University of the West Indies.
World Bank staff member 1982 - 1988; UNDP 1990 - 1995.

Research Interests:
  • Social Change

2008, Festival Elephants and the Myth of global Poverty, Boston: Pearson.

1980, The Cultural Appraisal of Development projects, New York: Praeger.

1971, Development Anthropology, New York: Oxford University Press.

1970, Big Men and Cargo Cults, Oxford: Clarendon.

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