Honorary Research Fellow



BAgrSci (Hons) University of Queensland
MSc (Plant Ecology) University of Saskatchewan, Canada
PhD (Environmental physics) University of Nottingham, UK


Independent consultant, development assistance projects 1989 – Present
Advisory roles, Solomon Islands Government 1981-1988
Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service 1978-1980
Advisory role, Fiji Government 1976-1978
Senior Lecturer, University of the South Pacific, 1970-1975
Nuffield Research Fellow, University of Nottingham, 1965-1968

Research Interests:
  • Melanesian natural resources management under customary tenure
  • Indigenous knowledge
  • Governance in Melanesia
Representative publications:

Baines, G.B.K. (1989) "Traditional resource management in the Melanesian South Pacific: a development dilemma." In Berkes, F. (Ed) Common Property Resources: Ecology and Community-Based Sustainable Development. London, Bellhaven Press.

Baines, G.B.K. and Williams, N. (1993) "Partnerships in tradition and science: origins and intentions of the workshop." (pp 16) In N.Williams and G.B.K.Baines (eds), Traditional Ecological Knowledge: Wisdom for Sustainable Development. Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies, Australian National University, Canberra.

Hviding, E. and Baines, G.B.K. (1994) "Community-based Fisheries Management, Tradition and the Challenges of Development in Marovo, Solomon Islands." In Development and Change 25: 13-39.

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