Emeritus Professor <br />Geoffrey Lawrence
Emeritus Professor
Geoffrey Lawrence
Emeritus Professor

Phone:  (+61 7) 336 53160
Fax:  (+61 7) 336 51544

School of Social Science
Room 414, Level 4,
Michie Building (#9), St Lucia Campus


BScAgr (Agricultural Science/Economics) University of Sydney
DipSocSci (Sociology) University of New England
MS (Sociology) University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
PhD (Sociology) Griffith University.

Professional activities:

President - International Rural Sociology Association
Fellow - Academy of Social Sciences in Australia
Member - The Australian Sociological Association (TASA)
Member - Rural Sociological Society (US)
Member - European Rural Sociological Association
Member - Australian and Oceanic Network for Rural Social Research and Community Development
Member - Australian Political Economy Movement

2011-2013, Professor of Sociology, School of Social Science, and Food Security Focal Area Co-leader, Global Change Institute
2002-2010, Professor of Sociology and Head of School of Social Science, The University of Queensland
1993 - 2002, Foundation Professor of Sociology, Head of Department of Social Science / Executive Director, Institute for Sustainable Regional Development, Central Queensland University,
1988 - 1992, Senior Lecturer / Associate Professor of Sociology, Charles Sturt University
Research interests:
  • Financialisation and the Restructuring of Australian and Global Agriculture
  • Global Food Security
  • Social Aspects of the Environment and Natural Resource Management in Australia
  • The Sociology of Sport
Representative publications:

Burch, D., Dixon, J. and Lawrence, G. (eds) 2013, From Seedlings to Supermarket: Agrifood Supply Chains in Transition, Special Edition of Agriculture and Human Values 30, 2.

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